7 unexpected laundry detergents!

For doing your laundry and cleaning your washing machine, you undoubtedly have the standard laundry and cleaning products near your washing machine. But did you know that many other simple home and kitchen items can help you with your laundry? Besides saving you a lot of money and lowering your energy bills, these unusual laundry products are super handy to know about! We list the 7 best tips for you.

Tennis balls

Toss 1 or more tennis balls into your washing machine when washing down coats, blankets, or pillows! This will loosen the load in the machine, and your coat will come out completely even! This will prevent it all from clumping together!


But vinegar doesn’t smell good, right? True! But for removing foul odors in towels, it is a very good tip. These odors are often caused by bacteria that have been left in the towel, or by detergent build-up. A wash with vinegar, followed by a regular wash with detergent should make your towels smell fresh again!


Need another alternative stain remover? Look no further than your kitchen cabinet, because salt is the solution! Cover the grease stain with salt, and wait for it to be absorbed. Repeat until the stain is gone, and then wash the garment as normal. Tip: Let all stained clothes dry in the open air!

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