Best news ever! Pasta does not make you fat!

The study looked at the effect of pasta on body weight and body fat. About 2500 people participated in the study. They had to eat pasta three times a week, instead of potatoes. At the end of the experiment, it was found that the participants had not gained weight or more body fat. Some had even lost weight!

What’s the explanation for that? It has to do with a low glycemic index. This glycemic index gives an estimate of how fast your blood sugar rises when you have eaten carbohydrates. If the index is low, it means that there is a smaller increase in blood sugar, so you lose weight faster. Aha! However, this does not apply to all pasta. Which pasta sauce you use makes a big difference, because some contain less sugar or salt than others. Oh well, at least we will be serving an extra plate of pasta tonight.

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