Unbelievable! This will be the largest aquarium in the world!

Dubai, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi are known as luxury cities/countries where there are the biggest, most expensive, and unique buildings, swimming pools, shopping malls, and so on. Now Abu Dhabi also wants to build the largest aquarium in the world. Curious about how big the aquarium will be? Then read on!

The 25,000 cubic litre aquarium is expected to be available for the first thousands of tourists as early as 2022. An estimated 68,000 marine animals are expected to move into this mega aquarium. Animals like sharks, mantas, octopuses, clownfish, crabs lobsters, and many more! Sea-World AbuDhabi has been working on the concept for a long time. The construction for the aquarium is well over 70% according to them.

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