Here’s why your fuel cap is on the left or right side!

There are hardly any more of these types of gas pumps to be found in the world. It, therefore, does not matter anymore on which side the fuel cap sits. After all, there are also many petrol stations in the middle of a town or village. In many countries, people drive on different roadsides. Therefore, it does not matter on which side the fuel cap is. Nowadays, the side of the cap is chosen at random.

In the United States is still a regulation that automakers must follow. Here, the fuel cap must be placed at the rear end of the car, so that the fuel is less likely to catch fire in the event of an accident. There is nothing in the law about the left or right side. So here, too, the decision as to where to place the cap is made quite arbitrarily. The mystery about the fuel cap is now solved!

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