The tip against discolored and dirty sealant edges

Do you ever suffer from dirty rubber edges in the bathroom? This doesn’t only look bad, it is also a breeding ground for bacteria on it, making it bad for your health. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to prevent this! Almost all edges in the bathroom are filled with a sealant and they quickly get dirty. It is best to clean these edges every month.

Do not do this with a scouring sponge! This seems like a good method, because the dirt disappears from the edges, but it actually creates a lot of texture in the edges, making it easier for dirt to adhere! When we got our new keys from our house at the notary, we immediately started cleaning. Our sealant edges also needed a thorough cleaning!

Wondering how to best clean the edges, and how to prevent it next time? Then continue reading on the next page…