Here’s why you should put a tennis ball in the washing machine!

Which supplies do you typically think of when you are about to do the washing? Detergent, fabric softener, the dirty laundry. Have you thought of everything? Probably not, because what can be incredibly useful when doing your laundry is…. a tennis ball! Most people might have to think twice when you tell them this, but a tennis ball (or several tennis balls) can be very helpful in doing & drying your laundry! Why? This is why! We happily explain this lifehack to you!

What matters most of all is what you want to wash. Throwing a tennis ball into the washing machine will have little effect on most types of clothing or textiles. Except resulting in a clean tennis ball, which, in some cases, also counts for something! But the magic truly only happens when you want to wash a pillow, blanket, or coat stuffed with down feathers. To save a lot of time and money and prevent your energy bill from skyrocketing, buying a set of tennis balls will be no unnecessary luxury!

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