Living in a small mirror box? The interior will not disappoint!

A house that is completely covered with mirrors on the outside? Most people will likely give it a second look. You couldn’t possibly live there, can you? Nothing could be further from the truth, because these mirrors are in fact windows on the inside. So you have plenty of space to look outside! No one can see you sitting, lying, or using the bathroom inside, and you can enjoy the beautiful view for miles. You rarely experience something so special!

The house is also very small and cozy, which also saves you a lot of money. And that is a great bonus nowadays when applying for a mortgage is almost impossible! Because at a time when house prices are sky-high and many people are saddled with student debt, the financing is not looking up. In such a case, such a special tiny house is a wonderful solution, right? Curious about how beautiful and luxurious this house is on the inside? Take a quick look at the fantastic interior on the next page!