This is the easiest way to clean your extraction filters!

Does your extractor hood no longer seem to work properly, even on the highest setting? Then there is a good chance that there is dirt in the extraction filters. In order for your extractor to work optimally, it is important that you clean these filters regularly. This way you prevent the appliance from losing its function and ensure that unpleasant smells do not linger in your kitchen. Regular cleaning also ensures that your extractor hood does not break easily, so you also save a lot of money with it. Fortunately, we have a nice step-by-step plan with which you can clean the filters in a careful way!

Step 1: Remove the filter (or all filters if there are multiple) from your extractor hood. These are often easy to remove.

Step 2: Put the filter in the sink with very hot water (note: if you use boiling water, be careful not to burn yourself). Add a cup of cleaning vinegar and detergent to the hot water and let it soak for at least half an hour.

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